Thanks to its extensive range of fans, RUCON offers smoke extraction fans in all product categories: centrifugal, axial, wall or roof. Our fans are certified according to European Standard EN 12101-3 and for different temperature classes (F200, F300 or F400).

Installation fittings (flexible sleeves, non-return valves, dampers, etc.) are available with our fans. These fittings are also certified for smoke extraction.

For special applications, we also offer centrifugal fans up to 600°C/2 hours (Class F600).

On the strength of its experience in the field of smoke extraction, RUCON can offer you advice and solutions for every type of smoke extraction system: industrial workshops, shopping centres, atria, car parks, etc., according to the latest versions of Belgian and European standards.

For many years RUCON has specialised in smoke extraction systems for underground car parks, carrying out studies and providing advice to project sponsors, supplying equipment and assuming responsibility for the entire installation. When requested to install a complete smoke extraction system, we work in partnership with the competent authorities in this field, and our systems are always tested and validated by an accredited inspection agency.

For special projects or in situations where special conditions must be studied, RUCON carries out the necessary CFD calculations. More information about CFD calculations is given in the section "SERVICES".