The ErP directive

The ErP directive

The acronym ErP stands for “Energy-related Product”. The objective of ErP directive 2009/125/EC is to reduce energy consumption (ecodesign). This directive applies to fans with an input power rating between 125 W and 500 Kw. Electric motors must meet the requirements of directive 640/2009.

What does the ErP directive mean for fans?

The ErP directive defines minimum efficiency levels. The new regulations are being implemented in 2 phases: the first directive was introduced on 01.01.2013, and will be reinforced on 01.01.2015.
Some fans will not meet the more stringent requirements of this directive and will therefore have to be adapted or withdrawn from sale.
This regulation stems from the Kyoto Protocol, according to which the EU undertook to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% by the year 2020 (Objective 20-20-20). And what is the advantage for the end user? His energy consumption will decrease.

Download hier de ERP brochure.