Rucon Ventilatoren offers its customers a wide range of services.
Sales Department:

In our different branches, our highly skilled engineers are at your service to process your requests and draw up tenders without delay.
The tenders are then followed up by the fitters and engineering offices.
We organise the design and development teams to ensure that we supply customers with the best choice of fans for industrial processes or for OEM applications.
Our technical-commercial team has wide experience in the fields of aerodynamics, acoustic attenuation and mechanical engineering.
Our team of specialists in the field of smoke extraction systems for underground car parks and for commercial buildings have the necessary software applications for the calculation, selection and simulation of smoke extraction systems according to the relevant standards.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Dans certains cas il est n├ęcessaire de valider une installation de d├ęsenfumage par des calculs CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics). read more

Logistics Department:

Thanks to our specialised and dedicated team and a high level of automation, our logistics department can very quickly finalise orders and process incoming orders with unfailing accuracy.
Our staff members are trained to attach the greatest importance to order confirmations, to comply with the agreed arrangements and to do their utmost to guarantee the customer fast and correct delivery of the order.
All documents, such as order payments, CE declarations and ATEX certificates, are sent to the customer by our personnel. All these documents are available in the customer's language.

Workshop and warehouse:

Rucon has a very large stock of fans, which means that we can supply our customers very quickly when required. And if any machine or system is shut down, we always have an alternative fan available to restart your process without delay.
A large number of fans are pre-assembled in our workshop, which means that we can be very flexible when it comes to delivery deadlines and the choice of motors and accessories.
Rucon has its own production system for special fans and fans that are often tailor-made. In addition, we can carry out measurements and tests based on our ISO 9001 certification.

After-sales Service:

We have centralised this service in our headquarters in Aartselaar.
In order to provide our customers with the necessary services, we not only use our own fitters, but we also call on various independent partners dotted around our geographical area of activity.
We have the know-how and equipment required to carry out any necessary work on fans, either in our workshop or on the customer's premises.
For more details, see our after-sales service page. Click here