Our systems: products and accessories

Our sales program consists mainly of fans for the tertiary sector and for industry:
  1. Roof fans made of galvanised steel, aluminium and plastic.
  2. Industrial fans for low, medium and high pressure for every possible application involving materials such as carbon steel, hot-dip galvanised steel, stainless steel, Creusabro, etc.
  3. Centrifugal fans, single or double inlet fans, fans with forward- or back-curved blades.
  4. Axial fans.
  5. Plastic fans of every design: PVC, PPS, PP, PVDF and glass fibre-reinforced polyester.
  6. Extraction fans for smoke extraction up to 600°C/2 hours.
  7. Pulse fans for car parks.
  8. Wall and duct fans (axial or centrifugal).
  9. Many accessories available, such as: roof curbs, silencers, smoke dampers, self-closing valves, roof channels, flexible hoses, counter flanges, etc.
Roof fans

The benefits of roof fans are often underestimated. In many cases, this type of fan is in fact the best possible solution. At Rucon, this aspect is of the highest importance. After all, if the problem is properly analysed and an appropriate design is developed, a roof fan can be an economical solution. Rucon offers total roof fan solutions and has the necessary expertise to manage all the elements required for a perfect problem-free system.

Fans for industry

Rucon's product range includes industrial-type fans: for normal and extreme conditions, for high temperatures, with gas-tightness, with anti-explosion designs, to carry corrosive or aggressive dust, to carry suspended matter, to deliver high pressure, etc. In every case, we analyse the proposed application and carry out calculations to back up our proposals.

Centrifugal fans (direct drive)

Single inlet, double inlet or free-running fans, with salient pole motors placed inside the turbine, are extremely compact units that are maintenance-free and easily adjustable. And when space is at a premium, this type of fan is the ideal compact solution. The basic design is a simple fan that is easy to connect and can be used for many applications such as the cooling of electrical cabinets, small ventilation units and vapour extraction hoods. Needless to say, this fan comes in a wide range of designs, which also includes standard motors, for example RZM-type and RLM-type units. In addition, they can be supplied with a selection of accessories. Rucon has the expertise to develop high-tech systems with all the supporting technical documentation.

Centrifugal fans (belt drive)

The double-inlet belt-driven fan is the ideal solution for central air-conditioning units. This type of fan features turbines with forward- or back-curved blades, along with various housing designs and several different possibilities for the bearings. This range of fans also features a wide variety of possible variants, with a choice of turbines from 160 mm to 1600 mm, a complete range of accessories, either fully pre-assembled or in parts.

The belt-driven drive fan (simple inlet) is the perfect fan for networks of ventilation ducts. In principle, this type of system is supplied complete with the belt drive system. Rucon offers many different designs: with bearings in or outside the air flow, with a cooling disk to operate at high temperatures, with housings made of galvanised steel or welded steel. Customers can select from a range of protective paint systems. For central air-conditioning units and for industry, these fans are the last word in flexibility.

Axial fans

Rucon’s range of axial fans include DLK, Ferrari and Arem systems. The range features a number of different housing designs: galvanised or painted steel, turbines made of aluminium or steel, possibly with blades that can be adjusted when stopped. The systems are classified according to low and high pressure and direct or belt drive.

Plastic fans

Rucon's series of plastic fans is based on the KCV product range. Of course, special conditions require tailored solutions. The fans of this series can be supplied with different types of plastic materials such as PVC, PP(S) and PVDF and in various designs, e.g. axial, centrifugal or roof fans. The range includes both direct and belt drive systems, and a complete range of accessories is also available for a wide variety of conditions, including aggressive environments.

Wall and duct fans

This range features a variety of models, ranging from the smallest to the largest, and in principle they can be supplied from stock. This series consists of wall and duct fans. This fan is a direct-drive system, and each fan has an adjustable rotation speed. In addition, they are easy to fit and come with a large number of accessories.

Pulse fans

Pulse fans are designed for car park ventilation systems. It should be noted that the ventilation standards for car parks are very stringent. Whatever the situation, the rule is: safety first. Fortunately, the days when you could just install any old system are long gone. Now is the time for a more specialised approach. And Rucon is a specialised company that offers unrivalled services based on decades of experience in the development and supply of air flow control systems. In addition, in recent years Rucon has acquired in-depth knowledge of ventilation systems for car parks.

Smoke extraction fans

For smoke extraction systems, Rucon can supply every possible solution with F200, F300 or F400 class fans according to standard EN12101-3. The range of solutions for smoke extraction includes axial, centrifugal or roof fans. And for special applications, Rucon can supply fans for up to 600°C/2 hours.

Roof curbs

Rucon has a range of roof curbs for every conceivable situation, with models made of plastic, aluminium or galvanised steel and with or without integrated silencers. All Rucon roof fans feature these curbs.


A silencer is an important accessory for fans. Therefore, Rucon has a unique range of silencers designed for every possible application: circular or rectangular silencers to be fitted in networks of ducts and silencers specially adapted for roof extractors. Rucon can develop a solution for every application - large or small.

Smoke dampers

Rucon has a range of smoke dampers for every possible situation. EKO-J smoke dampers are used for ventilation and for smoke extraction systems as adjustment dampers or as isolation dampers. Our Hot/Shield Vent PTC dampers are designed and tested to operate with a medium of which the temperature can reach 300°C for 1 hour.

Filtration units

Rucon has a range of filtration units that are designed to be used with its in-line fans. The housings are equipped with circular or rectangular connections and can be fitted with different types of filters.

Adjustment equipment

Rucon has a complete range of adjustment systems that can be used to adjust the rotation speed of different fans. We offer a range of electronic regulators and transformers for continuous or incremental adjustment.