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Air Handling Units

Shopping malls and off-shore platforms, hospitals and food manufacturers, when it comes to air no two jobs are the same. A challenge that our experts are up to.
They develop customized solutions and designs that optimally meet every requirement: thermal comfort, hygiene, drying, dust removal, detoxification, noise reduction and energy recovery. Our expertise is particularly appreciated when high requirements are at stake, such as air in operating theatres that must be free of germs

Rucon exclusively distributes Weger's air treatment groups. This is a family business with 5 production units worldwide and employs about 800 people. Flexibility and custom designs demonstrate the strength of the organization.
You get a customized unit, accurate to the millimeter, with quality components such as: filters, heat exchangers, heat recovery systems, humidification systems, fans, silencers and control.

A high-quality product can only prove itself if the product quality and the underlying processes both meet the highest standards. Weger's goal is to be active worldwide with innovative air conditioning equipment and climate control systems. To achieve this, Weger has made the following principles the core of their policy:

→ The customer receives high-quality and technically developed solutions

→ The customer can count on an innovative and efficient execution of its order

→ The core competencies are planning, organization and on-site manufacturing

→ Strict compliance with the Guidelines of the GVD 231.Weger products are EUROVENT and RLT certified and EPB tested and certified by a third independent party.