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The main causes of discomfort in an air-conditioned environment are :

→ Excessive airflow, causing draughts
→ Uneven distribution of the incoming air volume
→ Non-homogeneous temperature distribution in the room

To avoid these disadvantages, it is necessary to generate a good distribution of air, the right temperature, relative humidity, velocity and purity corresponding to the desired ambient comfort.

UCS cassettes are able to provide a balanced response to all these needs: the discharged air is dispersed like a classic four-sided ceiling diffuser, with distribution in two to four orthogonal directions. This system takes full advantage of the Coanda effect, greatly reducing airflow directly towards people, with positive effects on their comfort. As a result, UCS cassettes have a much more homogeneous air distribution than similar products on the market.

With Coanda effect

Airflow guide with Coanda effect in cooling mode

Without Coanda effect

Airflow conduction without Coanda effect in cooling mode

All cassettes feature EST Technology (Energy Saving Technology), which consists of an EC motor driven by specific control devices.